About Us

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Since I became a certified personal trainer in 2009, I have worked with a variety clients from all walks of life — from the high school athlete, to the working parent, to the post-physical therapy client. 

My workouts and training sessions are focused on correcting muscular imbalances and establishing functional movement patterns that will get your body moving freer and without pain. I have dedicated my career to making my clients more proficient in all aspects of fitness — strength, balance, posture, flexibility, stamina and body control and awareness.

My goal at Cutting Edge Training is to get your body operating again at its fullest potential. I don’t believe in working out just for the sake of working out. Most other personal training systems are stuck in the old ways of working out; where training harder is emphasized more than training smarter. They think burning the most calories or how sore you are the next day is how you should judge a workout. My approach to personal training is designed to help you function and MOVE better first, and then progress from there. You can’t make a Prius drive like a Ferrari. And our bodies are no different.

At Cutting Edge Training, understanding how we as humans move optimally in a 3-D world is my focus and commitment. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation. Now is the time to start changing your life, and do something that your future self will thank you for!