About Us

We live in a three-dimensional world. As humans, we walk, run, jump, squat, throw, bend over, crawl and pick things up. We are movers. How we train our bodies should allow us to perform all those things with great efficiency.

At Cutting Edge Training, understanding how we as humans move in a 3-D world is our focus and commitment. Unfortunately, most of our society has forgotten how to do so. We sit hunched over at desks for several hours a day — weeks, months, and years on end. This has had drastic effects on our bodies. As a result, most people are unable to function at their full potential. Lower back pain, headaches, low energy, stiffness in joints, loss of flexibility, and many other maladies plague the general population.

Our goal at Cutting Edge Training is to get your body operating again at its fullest potential. We don’t believe in working out just for the sake of working out. Our training is designed to help you function and MOVE better for our 3-D world, and our proven formula of functional training will get you in the best shape of your life!

Since I began working as a certified personal trainer in 2009, I have worked with a variety clients from all walks of life — from the high school athlete, to the working parent, to post-physical therapy client. My workouts and training sessions are focused on correcting muscular imbalances and establishing functional movement patterns that will get your body moving freer and without pain. At Cutting Edge Training we are dedicated to making our clients proficient in all aspects of fitness — strength, balance, posture, flexibility, stamina and body control and awareness.


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