Holiday Boot Camp!

20170918_100117Ready to work off the Turkey and finish 2018 stronger? Come to Cutting Edge Training’s Holiday Boot Camp!

What is it: Four weeks of functional training classes focused on Strength, Mobility, Endurance and Weight Management.

When: Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 7:30-8:00am beginning November 26 thru December 21.

Cost: The awesome price of $99! That’s just over $8 per class!

Click here to reserve your spot! Space is limited!

We’re back with another Weights & Wine Tasting on June 15!


We had so much fun last time that we’re doing it again!

Join us for another go of Weights & Wine Tasting on June 15 at 7:00 p.m. at Cutting Edge Training. This time we’re enlisting the help of our good friends at Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe as we will be showcasing four select wines from France!

After you’ve blasted through your workout, you’re gonna be thirsty. That’s why we have the following delicious wines to sample afterward:

  • 2016 Daniel Chotard Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc
  • Non-vintage Pierre Sparr Cremant d’Alsace Sparkling Wine
  • 2017 Trienne Rosé
  • 2016 Marcel Lapierre Raisins Gaulois Gamay

To purchase tickets, click here!

(21+, obviously)

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Here’s an example of one our video tutorials using the resistance band:

Posture Check!

Screen shot 2017-08-24 at 3.09.39 PM

Take a look at these side views of different types of standing postures. Can you spot the differences in each one?
What are the causes of each type of deviation?
Do you have any of the symptoms of Examples 2-5? These are known as Lordosis, Kyphosis, Forward Head, and an Anterior Pelvic Shift, respectively.

Millions of Americans suffer from neck, shoulder, and lower-back pain. This is usually a result of poor posture, as it places undue stress on our joints and spines.

Schedule your personal training session with Cutting Edge today. We’ll work on fixing your posture and get you on the path toward a pain-free lifestyle!